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FRP Hollow Blade

The basic purpose of a “Fan” is to move a mass of gas or vapour at the desired velocity. For achieving this objective there is a slight increase in the gas pressure across the fan rotor or impeller. However main aim remains to move air or gas without any substantial increase in its pressure. The total pressure developed by the fan is of the order of a few millimeter of water gauge. A “blower” which is also referred to as “Fan” in some literature delivers the gas or air with substantial increase in pressure to overcome some kind of resistance in the flow. Some applications develop pressure of the order or 1000 mm W.G. or more. An Axial Flow Fan stage in its simplest form consists of a rotor made up of number of blades fitted to the hub. When it is rotated by an electric motor or any other drive, a flow is established through the rotor. The actions of the rotor cause an increase in the stagnation pressure of air or gas across it.A cylindrical casing encloses the rotor.

Aerodynamic Design

Wind Water Industries manufactures FRP Hollow Axial Flow Fans are aerodynamically designed for better performance and power saving feature.

As mentioned previously the choice of correct twist and of special airfoil sections to reduce compressibility losses are of major importance in modern fan blades design. However other considerations still remain to be studied with care if the efficiency of the blade is to be kept at its maximum under severe operating conditions.