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Fan Characteristic And Environment

The salient features of our Energy Saving FRP Axial Flow Fans is implementation of the latest technology in the selection of Aerofoil material and using the best design of blades, hub selection and a unique methodology of manufacturing process which results in cost saving Wind Water Fans. It is only because of our smartly designed fans which saves the power consumption costs of our fans.


Same amount of air and less power means less operating costs. Wind Water Industries fans offer 20% + 5% power savings compared to other Metal/IL/GRP Fans. Installation of these fans in newly constructed equipments reduces the operational costs.

Weather Resistance

Wind Water Fans are made up of Fibre Glass Reinforced Epoxy grade material which protects the blades from repeated exposure to rain and ultra violet radiation of the sun and ingress of rain snow


FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) material of the fans provide resilient, dependabl blades combined with high fatigure strength


Wind Water FRP Fans have a very high strength to weight ratio as compared to conventional materials such as aluminum and steel. This ensures longer life durability

Heat Resistance

Wind Water FRP Fans are suitable for operating continuously under indoor and outdoor atmosphere at temperature upto 200oC

Abrasion Resistance

The impellers of general purpose fans may get worn out by the impat of continuous impact of abrasive dust character if the particles cannot be sufficiently removed duringcyclone. To avoid this an abrasion free fan must be used. Wind Water FRP Fan Blades are moulded to aerofoil shape that can deal with particles of any hardness


Wind Water Fans are movement balanced against the master blades for easy installation. This also provides their direct interchangeability within the set. The hub assemblies are statically / dynamically balanced as per the ISO Standards in vibration free operation


Wind Water Industries Fans are aerodynamically designed and the specially selected Aerofoil material reduces the noise level considerably compared to other conventionaal Metallic / GRP Fans.