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Salient Feature of Product

Corrosion Free Material

The raw material i.e. Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) provides the desired non-corrosive quality to the fan blades, resulting in the operation of the fans even in the chemical environment.


FRP is lightweight material which ensures low inertia, minimum wear and tears on motor, bearing and drive system. Hollow FRP blades are lighter than aluminum fan assembly which makes it easy to carry and also there is no possibility of damage to fan and drive during sudden breakdown or stoppage of fans.

Custom Made Designs

COmposite structural design can be custom made by using various glass fibers (glass cloth & woven roving mat and roving) in right direction while molding the fan blades with epoxy resin thus imparting the desired mechanical strength by improving its industrial stability and enhanced mechanical properties

Wind Water design of the fan blades ensure more airflow, lower noise level and less power consumption resulting in high efficienty. The Aerodynamically designed fan impeller of the fans, fabricated by composite material is an ideal option to ensure enhanced efficiency and appropriate energy saving apart from wide gamut of critical advantages